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below. Wikipedia's Manual of Style recommends their use in certain cases. 11 Emirates Office Tower 355 metres (1,165 ft) Also known as Emirates Tower One. Attributes without values are given the name as value. Markup Renders as em HyperText Markup Language /em HyperText Markup Language Templates: em i Further information: MOS:italic. Markup Renders as q HyperText Markup Language /q HyperText Markup Language MOS"tions says Wikipedia should instead use", or bloc".


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Markup Renders as HyperText sup Markup Language /sup HyperText Markup Language Templates: sub (subscript text) subsub (subscript subscript text) ssub (subscript, small text) sup (superscript text) su (superscript subscript text) sup sub (textsup sub) e (1.23104) time time. /mark represents a run of text in muskulöse freundin sex kontakt forum one document marked or highlighted for reference purposes, due to its relevance in another context. Tidy is not enabled for MediaWiki interface pages. /del formats deleted text. /ins indicates a range of text that has been added. This section gives a brief overview of the html element, an example, relevant wikimarkup and templates. While not officially cancelled, construction has been suspended on each development. 3 These tags either have an alternate tag or a template that replaces their function with CSS. Markup Renders as i HyperText Markup Language /i HyperText Markup Language Wikimarkup: Use ' to open and close italic text. Hr Further information: WP:line hr or hr / represents a paragraph-level thematic break and presents as a horizontal rule.

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Inflagranti berlin sexy cora filme This is another paragraph in the masochistische sklavin gay escourts same item. /p * This is a different item. Crlf2 adds a true carriage return and line feed. Markup Renders as table border"1" tr th Header /th th Header /th /tr tr td data /td td data /td /tr /table Header Header data data Attributes: th : colspan, headers, rowspan, scope Allowed but obsolete: abbr, align, axis, bgcolor. They are formatted as a name/value pair like name"value". Attempting to use any element not whitelisted by will result in the markup showing as plain text. /pre element represents a block of preformatted text.
Please bang my wife secret service massagen A best practice is to use the proper syntax. Examples include: output of a program, script, or Wikipedia template; status displays or audio announcements fetisch forum sex thai massage made by an app or device; file system directory listings and samples from them, such as paths and file names. /dfn is used for indicating the defining instance of a term. Markup Renders as code HyperText Markup Language /code HyperText Markup Language Templates: code uses syntaxhighlight. The MediaWiki software automatically adds the xml:lang attribute whenever lang is defined, but xml:lang will no longer be passed when included as a separate attribute. Also the tallest hotel on a man made island and also the tallest hotel on an island. /sub formats a span of text as a subscript. Markup Renders as Templates: pre wraps text that overflows the page.
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